At the New BritCham New Office Opening

Publish Date:2024-07-10     Source:City News Service

The venerable British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, has unfurled its Shanghai office anew. If you're a Shanghai history buff, you may be well pleased to note, that BritCham was the first foreign-founded business association wayyy back in 1915!

BritCham on Growth & Expansion

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Shanghai's business landscape, BritCham emerges as a beacon of growth and opportunity. With an impressive 10 percent growth in corporate memberships since early 2023, their recent strides underline a positive outlook amidst economic... nuances. In fact, despite economic murmurings, BritCham's recent strategic expansions into Hangzhou echo resilience.

The Chamber's Executive Director, Stuart Dunn has spearheaded many growth initiatives already within the year and a half he's held the position. He's brought a background of 20 years in UK & international leadership experience covering trade & investment, operations and project-based experience in world-leading hospitality corporations, as an entrepreneur and in government. He's a delightful, and tremendously thoughtful person to engage with, and a perfect fit for BritCham's time-honored traditions in Shanghai (their new office, of course, has a bar!). 

Read past the fold to see a few notes of congratulations, and a see & be seen gallery of those at the event.

"The British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai is a critical pillar of the bilateral relationship that exists between the UK and Shanghai and the East China region. In supporting businesses and making connections, the Chamber plays an incredibly important role in driving prosperity and creating jobs as well as increasing understanding and trust between business people in both countries."

"For the past 21 years, we were the first British International School in Shanghai China, so we've had a strong relationship with them, and we're really pleased to be part of a growing business community. Lovely people, and now a lovely new space."

"I arrived here in 2017 and immediately got to know BritCham. They are very engaging with their members, more so than other chambers actually, and for that reason, we've had excellent engagement with them. This new office is a great milestone for them."

"We are a listed stock exchange company, and one of the newest platinum members of BritCham, joining last year. As we expand, we've been collaborating and partnering with UK companies, deepening relationships within the business and expat community, and in these areas, we've found the British Chamber to be very fruitful and meaningful in these endeavors."

"We have a very long history with the British Chamber. We started collaborating with BritCham immediately in year 1 when we entered the China market. So really excited to see this new office. We're also honored to contribute to the new office with a Virgin Atlantic-themed club lounge area."

From all of us at City News Service, a toast to BritCham, bridging borders and bar counters alike!