Domestic and foreign media focus on Minhang

Publish Date:2024-02-09     Source:今日闵行

Starting from December 12th, 2023, the English version of "Minhang Today" will be launched. We will showcase the local customs, economic developments, social services, and more of Minhang.

The Spring Festival is close. The Qibao Old Street shows a strong atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

30 journalists from Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Lianhe Zaobao, Reuters, People's Daily, CCTV, etc record with cameras.

The media visit the Qibao Old Street, feel “Seven Fragrant Elegant Assembly " of the ancient town. Shooting the hustle and bustle in front of the Old Street Rice Dumpling shop.

Then, take a tea break and taste the special products in a teahouse. Through the discussion, the media learned about Minhang's activities during the Spring Festival.

Media questioning and communication session focused on how to avoid "a thousand towns are all the same” in Qibao Ancient Town, how does Minhang attract more young consumer groups?

All the questions have received positive responses from relevant departments.

"I've been here once before, so today is the second time. I'm really glad to come here and learn more about the history of Qibao. I went many places for photograph and learn the history of the place. Then sent to my country's social media,"one of the self-media told reporter.

"Very delighted to visit Qibao Ancient Town to see and experience a taste of the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile we try some specialties. I think Minhang has lots of High-tech vitality and through the investigation this time, we hope to command more about the imformation and show the characteristics of all aspects of Minhang," said Song Jian, Journalist of Hong Kong Commercial Daily.