Further Pruning Made in the Negative List of Market Access (2019 Edition)

PUBLISH DATE:2019-09-19     Source:Investment Promotion Platform News (Vol. 16, 2019) (Series No. 379)
Supporting fields:Financial Industry

Meng Wei, spokesman of the National Development and Reform Commission, says on September 18 that the Negative List of Market Access (2019 Edition) has been revised and is being submitted for approval in accordance with the procedure. On the basis of the original work, the 2019 version has further shortened the length of the list, reduced management measures and optimized the list structure. Meng Wei reveals that in the process of revision, the 2019 version has sought for opinions of 58 relevant departments of central and state organs, as well as 31 provinces, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and asked advice from more than 30 important national industry associations, relevant experts and scholars, and especially related enterprises. By carefully studying and absorbing these feedbacks, it is ensured that "the list is not only stable and continuous, but also scientific and normative."