Construction Blueprint Released: With 50 Policy Measures Set

PUBLISH DATE:2019-09-11     Source:Investment Promotion Platform News (Vol. 16, 2019) (Series No. 379)
Supporting fields:Shanghai/Artificial Intelligence, Bio

Within a month after the announcement of the overall plan for the Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Municipal Government issued Several Opinions on the Implementation of Special Support Policies to Promote the High-quality Development of Lingang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Opinions consist of 50 policy measures, focusing mainly on management authority, professional talents, finance and taxation, land planning, industrial development, housing security, infrastructure and other aspects. Plenty of financial policies have been provided for in The Opinions. For example, enterprises in the Special Area are supported to carry out real and legal offshore transfer business; and the government will give priority to supporting qualified enterprises in key areas to go public, such as those related to integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, space and aeronautics industry, new energy vehicles and so on.