Shanghai ensuring support for businesses

PUBLISH DATE:2020-02-14     Source:SHINE
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Shanghai ensuring support for businesses

Shanghai will ensure support for all domestic and foreign businesses in the city during the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia. 

It recently launched the 28 measures to bolster enterprises during the epidemic, and has highlighted the fact that all foreign-funded enterprises will enjoy identical treatment to local businesses.

"Since the coronavirus outbreak, foreign-funded enterprises in the city have actively participated in epidemic prevention and control work," said Liu Min, deputy director of Shanghai's Commission of Commerce.

A number of key enterprises manufacturing supplies for epidemic prevention have resumed production ahead of schedule, and the regional headquarters of multinational corporations have actively deployed global resources and expanded the importation of overseas epidemic prevention materials, Liu said.

To further promote implementation of the 28 measures, the commission is helping foreign enterprises better understand the policy. 

The commission has organized translations of the measures. An English version has been issued, people can find it on the official website of the commerce commission, and a Japanese version is set to be released on Tuesday, "so as to enable foreign enterprises, especially foreign executives, and foreign investors to better understand the policy," Liu said.

Meanwhile, the commission has collected and sorted out two batches of more than 140 foreign enterprises, reported the list to financial authorities, to ensure that they can enjoy relevant preferential financing policies. Three key foreign enterprises producing epidemic prevention materials were also reported to authorities.

"We are also actively helping foreign enterprises to resume work and production," Liu said. 

A seminar for foreign companies gave full play to the role of the Shanghai Foreign Capital Association, to extensively listen to the needs of enterprises. 

The commission said it will coordinate key enterprises producing epidemic prevention materials to resume production as soon as possible, help key catering enterprises to provide group meal services to foreign enterprises, as well as take advantage of the integrated services mechanism in the Yangtze River Delta to assist foreign enterprises in solving practical problems such as raw material supply, and logistics and transportation.

By Huang Yixuan