Business project approval streamlined in Jiading

PUBLISH DATE:2020-01-06
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Business project approval streamlined in Jiading

How do you know if your project application has been approved? In Jiading District, investors just check on their phones.

On January 2, the district government introduced a new system along with an app which integrates all key project approval procedure, the first such system at district level in Shanghai.

The district has also started to assign workers to keep track of the red tape for investors and advise them on how to accelerate their applications by taking more steps at one time.

The government also aims to streamline applications by bringing together all departments involved under one roof.

Currently, at the district administrative service center, nine departments are to be found, ready to deal with 75 varieties of red tape for investors, with more applications scheduled to move online.

On Saturday, the various governments of Jiading District signed off on 98 project applications, mainly focused on integrated circuitry, the Internet of Things, new-energy and smart cars, medical equipment, smart manufacturing and robots.

The investments totalling 34 billion yuan (US$4.88 billion) are expected in projects with a total estimated output of 74 billion yuan.

Party Secretary of the district Zhang Xi said that “We will listen to investors about their needs  and provide them with solutions,” vowing to accelerate the implementation of the projects.

By Chen Huizhi