China remains attractive investment destination despite pandemic

PUBLISH DATE:2020-05-22
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The novel coronavirus pandemic will not reverse economic globalization, and China remains attractive for foreign capital despite its impact on global industry chains, Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, said on Thursday night.


"Economy runs its own course. The global industry chains that we see today are shaped by many factors over the years, and that is also the result of behaviors and choices of businesses across the world. It cannot be changed by any single country," he said at a news conference.


"Economic globalization is a historical trend. The COVID-19 will surely affect globalization in many ways. But this historical process will not be reversed," he said.


COVID-19 does have some effects on foreign businesses operating in China, said Zhang, but there is no flight of foreign capital. "China is still an attractive destination for foreign investment. Foreign investors remain optimistic about China, and remain confident in their long-term operation in the country."


China will continue to support multilateralism, safeguard free trade and the multilateral trade regime, and continue to facilitate reform and improvement of the global governance system, according to the spokesman.By Chen Jia